Thursday, 5 March 2015

Photography: Family Photoshoot with Melissa Beattie Photography

I've got the most amazing family photoshoot here on the blog for you today! 

This delicious shoot by Melissa Beattie Photography just takes my breath away. Gorgeous little Teo is absolutely adorable and the love and joy that spills from these images really make me want to run out and have another family photoshoot done! 

Melissa was living right here in Dubai, but the Beattie family are now heading home to the UK to start a new chapter in their lives. Luckily, those of you in the UK can continue to have Melissa take beautiful portraits of your family. 

You can see more of Melissa's work on her website, blog and Facebook page. Here is Nancy, who explains exactly why having a family photoshoot was important to her, as important to her as her choice of photographer. She's a girl after my own heart! 

'It was 4 years ago since my husband and I moved from Beirut to Dubai; it was shortly before we got married.

Back home I was used to living a fully-packed lifestyle, juggling between multiple concurrent jobs; I worked as a senior art director in an advertising agency, taught part-time at a university, and handled my own clients as a freelance graphic designer, while still being able to live life at its fullest. Dubai was no different in providing me what I like most about living life to the max, with all those positive vibes that I needed around me and much much more.

It was on Christmas 2013 that we were blessed with the best present ever, our little bundle of joy, Teo.

Having a baby was life changing in all positive ways, from time management to multitasking; feeding, napping, changing diapers, while still squeezing in some freelance work! Not to forget some "me time" including yoga or pilates in addition to sharing all the beautiful emotions with my husband, the ups and downs, the sleepless nights... It was all overwhelming and heart filling at the same time.

Most importantly, i was trying to grasp and memorize every single moment of Teo growing up. I wanted to capture and "freeze" all these moments since he was/is changing and growing up so fast! I wanted to remember his actions and reactions, his "first" everything... and this is why we absolutely wanted to capture all these beautiful moments in photos.

It was for this very reason that we wanted to have a professional photoshoot; and not just any photoshoot. I'm not an easy person to satisfy 😉

After a long research for photographers and styles,
my heart settled on the style and spirit of Melissa Beattie!
I saw in her pictures the exact things that i was looking for. So we went ahead and I was extremely satisfied of the overall experience and the result of the photoshoot. The pictures were absolutely STUNNING! Each and every single photo she took is a simple, natural and beautiful representation of a moment in our family's daily life; she succeeded in capturing all these moments, despite the fact I was extremely worried as Teo wasn't himself that morning. But it was as if Teo was never cranky as Melissa had captured exceptional moments of him in his good mood! 

In my opinion Melissa is no ordinary photographer. She is a photographer with a true soul behind her cam!'