Monday, 9 March 2015

New Year's Resolutions - Three Months In!

It's been three months since I first made my 2015 resolutions and I'm checking back in with an update as to my progress. 

It's been a tough three months for my poor resolutions. There have been some ups, but definitely some downs. 

1. Put Down My iPhone:

This has been by far the most difficult one. It's too easy to check random facts as and when they appear in my head, with constant access to the world wide web! And I always have questions, at least 80% of them do not need an immediate answer, but I still pick up the iPhone. 

I am slowly getting better. We've decided to get an alarm clock for the bedroom, and I've started leaving my iPhone plugged into the computer in the Living room. This has made a huge difference because I'm not tempted to check it at 3am if I randomly wake up (or if I'm woken by one of the kids). 

I have been better (in fits and spurts) with no just picking it up when I get a bit bored, and actually engage with S and L (even if they just want to watch TV). Some days I'm shattered so I use the iPhone more than necessary, but there are some days that I'm really good. My good days also seem to coincide with less TV for them too, which is never a bad thing.

2. Focus on Communicating my Feelings:

I'm definitely getting better at being positive towards S and L. I am much quicker to vocalise my good feelings towards them, and it makes the days much easier if I focus on their positives rather than their negatives. 

I've not been so good at sharing the positives with Gary or my friends, mainly because I've been shattered and I've been rather snippy all round. Not that it's an excuse, but I know to try to manage sleep a bit better to try to be more positive. 

3. Cut Back on the Sugar:

This has been amazing some weeks, and utter rubbish for some of the others! I've managed a few weeks at a time when I've had no chocolate or sweet treats at all, and some weeks where I am inhaling it as fast as I can. Not really found a balance here yet, but I'm still working on it! 

How are your New Years Resolutions going? x

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