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Living the Unexpected

Photo by  Dario Veronesi  on  Unsplash Part of me didn't want to post anything on here about Covid-19. Mainly because it feels like it has infected the smallest and quietest parts of our lives, and I didn't want to give it any more airtime. But it's the elephant in the room. It's the thing we can't ignore. It's the one thing I'm sick of talking about; and yet it's the only thing I am really talking about. Checking the news apps a million times a day; speculating on the what ifs and the maybes. Trying to compartmentalise it into a time zone. It will be over in four weeks, it'll be done by the summer... maybe... maybe... maybe. As it stands today, the disappointments are small. The kids schools closing; necessary from a health standpoint, but reinforcing all the longforgotten reasons why I DID NOT choose to be a teacher. Not being able to buy toilet paper; and having to actually drive to the supermarkets because everyone wants a home del

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