Essential Oils: My Five Favourite Essential Oils for Exercise

Whilst I am finally loving the way my body feels, now that I am actually getting fitter and healthier, I sometimes have to drag myself to my classes at The Circuit Factory. The aches from the last session, or the tiredness from no sleep, or the huge tub of ice cream I ate last night, all will me to put on my yoga pants and settle down on the sofa with wine and more ice cream. 

So I've found that there are several essential oils that have the ability to dissolve each and every one of those devils on my shoulder, and make getting to the gym just that little bit easier on my resolve. 

Here are my five favourite ones: 

Deep Blue is the ultimate soother for sore and aching muscles after that intense work out. I add it to the bath the following morning and it really helps to soothe all those aches and pain and give my body what it needs to relax and unwind. I also dilute it in coconut or olive oil (it's quite cooling on my skin) and apply it topically to whichever muscle is doing the most complaining. 

It really helps me to feel more normal, so I don't have to hobble back to the gym (or let those muscles give me an excuse for sitting on the sofa!). 

There is literally nothing like doing a Circuit Factory class when you're all heavy with the weight of all the crap you've eaten that day. In the past I've often just made excuses and not gone,  worried I might actually be sick. Grapefruit essential oil has been great in relieving those sugar cravings, so I am abstaining from the ice cream more often. So I feel lighter, and it doesn't feel like such a drag getting off my backside and going to class. 

I kinda need to breathe when I'm working so hard my lungs want to explode. So the biggest excuse I make for myself is that I can't possibly go to the gym when I've got a little sniffle. I'm not sick, but I can't breathe, so it's not worth it. So I apply Breathe to my chest three times a day, and definitely before class, as it helps to support my respiratory system to clear my airways. I can get to the gym and get on with my day.

I really want to kiss the person who invented these! After another sleepless night with my two angel babies, the last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I want to conserve my energy for lifting my wine glass and crying at soppy movies. Mito2Max is a great supplement which supports the body's optimum aerobic capacity and supports stamina naturally without the use of stimulants like caffeine. 

Wintergreen is great for when you tweak a tendon or a muscle. It's fantastic at supporting the body's natural healing and it supports the body as it tries to reduce inflammation and heal the pull to the muscle. I apply it twice a day to any injuries I pick up. 

Does this help you with any of your excuses? 

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