Essential Oils - My Five Favourite Oils to Support the Immune System

My immune system, or rather lack of it, was what actually led me to taking essential oils a little bit more seriously than I had before (before I just thought they were stupid). 

But when my immune system was low and I was getting every bug and cough and cold that was going round, I started to look for different ways I could improve my health and support my immune system at the same time. That's when I found doTERRA and the amazing essential oils that can support your immune system.

So here are my five favourite essential oils for boosting your immune system! 

On Guard:

On Guard is doTERRA's protective blend. It contains a blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary essential oils to really help support the immune system and to help your body deal with the bugs before they knock you out! 

I apply this to my big toe every morning to give me an immune boost and I also diffuse it whenever the bugs are circling. 


Basil is a sneaky little essential oil because it's not often talked about. It's not like Lavender of Melaleuca (Tea Tree), which most people have heard of, even if they have no idea about essential oils. Basil is one that is usually over shadowed by other more sparkly oils and yet it's such a great base to have around. It supports so many of the body's systems such as the reproductive system (and it's even great for helping the body through transition while a woman is in labour) and the respiratory system. 

Basil is also great for supporting sore or injured muscles and tendons as the body works to heal the damage and helps the body to boost the immune system so that it can take care of mouth ulcers and muscle spasms that are often the body's hints that the immune system isn't coping with the demands being placed upon it. 

I've only recently added Basil to my collection (it skipped my notice at first too) so I'm only just discovering the ways in which to use this fabulous oil! 

Basil is safe to be used on children, I would always dilute any essential oil to be used on children as they can have sensitive skin. Consult a doctor before applying Basil essential oil to the skin whilst pregnant, and do not ingest Basil while pregnant. 


This essential oil scares me a little bit (and not just because it's a hot oil and I once burned my mouth off by licking my fingers after having touched the bottle!) because of how powerful it is. 

In scientific research Oregano essential oil has been found to be effective in the fight against MRSA! That's how powerful this essential oil can be, and why it should be used as and when necessary, rather than every day. 

I apply Oregano essential oil (diluted as it's a hot oil that can burn sensitive skin) to my big toe whenever I come down with something or other and use it until whatever sickness I have has passed. It is amazing at giving your immune system that kick up the backside it needs to fight off infections and bugs. 

This oil needs to be heavily diluted, before being applied to the skin, for all users but particularly in children. If you are pregnant you should consult a doctor before using Oregano essential oil. 

Oregano essential oil should not be ingested by children or if you are pregnant without taking doctors advice. 


It must feel like I talk about Frankincense all the time! I'm sorry if I'm getting boring, but Frankincense is an extremely versatile oil and I use it in practically everything! 

Frankincense is a great oil for helping the body repair itself on the cellular level. It has also been shown to cause the cell death of human leukaemia cells during a research study.

On Guard has Frankincense in it's blend, but when I am sick, I apply Frankincense to the skin wherever the problem is, to enable it to get to work at boosting the immune system and supporting the system of the body that is struggling. So if I have a cough, I apply it to my chest. 

Frankincense is not a hot oil and so it is safe to be used on children and while pregnant. However, I personally would always dilute any essential oil to be used to children or if you are pregnant.


Thyme is one of the oils that is particularly good at supporting the body as it fights bugs that invade the respiratory system. Personally this is the area that I suffer most with and if I'm going to get sick, it's almost always the respiratory system that gets it. I've had bronchitis multiple times and I find it really hard to shift. Plus I'm almost certain to get any cold that is going around. 

I apply this oil to the chest whenever I have a respiratory flare up, to help the body get started on shifting the crap that is inevitably sitting on my chest and in my lungs! 

Thyme should be diluted as it can be irritating to the skin if applied neat. It should also be avoided if you are pregnant. If you have high blood pressure you should consult a doctor before using it and even then, use it with caution. 

Should not be ingested by children under six years, and only when heavily diluted, and used with caution, in children older that six years. 

So there you are, my five favourite essential oils for boosting your immune system! I hope that helps and that doTERRA can help you to have a more robust immune system when the bugs come calling. 

If you are interested in doTERRA essential oils, click here for details on how to get started!

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