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Disney World 2020 - The Planning; decisions, decisions, decisions...

Firstly, how gorgeous is that picture! I usually choose horizontal photographs for my blog posts as I like the symmetry, but this one was too beautiful to ignore! 
So, we are taking the plunge.... we are headed to Disney World in 2020. 
I hadn't realised exactly how much planning goes into a Disney World holiday, but thankfully there are many many websites to help you through the planning stages. 
Here is my take on the planning stages, and the decisions we've made for our family at this stage in our lives. 

Our Family
We are a family of five, with our three children - Miss 7, Mr 6, and Miss 3, by the time we actually land in Florida. 
So we've hit there stage with Miss 7 and Mr 6 where travel isn't such a daunting task. A few new iPad games and some Where's Wally books and they can pretty much entertain themselves for large amounts of time on a flight. 
Miss 3, on the other hand, will be more of a challenge. She's a wriggle who struggles to sit still for a thr…

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