Photography: The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride by Heather Chuter Photography

Ok, I am REALLY REALLY excited about this month's photography post! 

First of all, I really think there should more gorgeous photographs of the men in our lives. In my experience, it's usually women that want the gorgeous, professional photographs of their families, and the men often get talked into it. 

When we got married, at first Gary couldn't really see the benefit of having an AMAZING wedding photographer (especially when he saw that AMAZING photographers don't come cheap). It took a little bit of convincing and a lot of comparisons between the photographers I wanted, and the ones that came at a lower price point. 

Looking back now, we both agree that they are fantastic images that really capture the day and that really bring back all the emotions and memories that we have of that special day in the Californian sunshine. 

We are trying much harder now to get professional photographs of our family as we all get incrementally older, so that we can capture our babies when they are babies, and as they transition through the stages of childhood. 

So, I think that every man should be gifted a photoshoot with Heather Chuter! She has this amazing talent for really showing off a man's good side and really getting a feel for his personality through a still photograph. 

Heather recently photographed some extremely distinguished gentlemen for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride which is raising money for research into a potential cure for Prostate Cancer. 

On the 28th of September 2014 over 20,000 Riders, dressed to impress, across 258 cities in over 57 countries raised over $1,000,000 for prostate cancer research. That, my friends, is an impressive set of statistics, particularly for a charity event that I had no idea existed, despite being in Dubai (one of the cities taking part) on the 28th of September 2014! 

As part of the charity work that Heather undertakes, she took time out to capture these beautiful portraits of some of the distinguished gentleman who took part in The Distinguished Gentleman's ride. 

I think they are just fabulous! They are gritty and moody and manly (for the lack of a better word) and really capture the essence of taking amazing photographs of men. So fill your boots with this gallery of photographs and then head on over to Heather's Website and Facebook page so you can pour over more of her fabulous work! 


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