Photography: Naming Ceremony by Chapter Photography

I don't think it's any secret that Gary and I love a good celebration. There's nothing we love more than having something to celebrate, and wanting to celebrate in style. 

When we got engaged, we had an engagement party; when we got married we had a wedding (3000 miles away from home); when we emigrated to the Middle East, we had a leaving party. 

So when our two babies were born, we saw another opportunity to celebrate the amazing life experience that was becoming parents. We wanted to celebrate the teeny tiny little bundles of joy and laughter (and massive complexity and confusion) that was our newest addition to the family. 

When you live abroad, the chances to get your family and friends together get fewer and further in-between. Without a gathering to bring everyone together, there were going to be family members and even some close friends who might never get to meet our children. 

Time is limited on this earth, and the earth only seems to turn faster and faster as the years go on. Who knows when, and if, we'll meet again, and who we'll be by that stage. Becoming parents really reinforced to us the meaning of family, those near and far, whether by blood or by marriage, or even those who have become family through our friendships. 

Introducing our children to the people who were part of our extended family was extremely important to us. My grandmother is in her eighties, and is the only great grand parent that our children have left. I have no idea whether she will be around at an age when my children will actively remember her, and so it's important that we make (and capture) as many memories as we can, while we can. Maybe they won't remember her, but we can show them pictures, and tell them stories, so that the people they do not remember still have a place in their hearts and are a part of their make up, a part of their childhood. 

As I've said before and will probably say countless times over the course of the life of this blog, I love photographs. They really do say a thousand words, and capture the essence of a time that will soon be long since passed. They become more and more treasured possessions as time ticks by, and they help me to remember when my mind does not. They evoke stories, memories, feelings, laughter and a few tears. They call out, echoes of my childhood; my wedding day; my babies before they started to grow. Those echoes of my past are my only real link to it, the only way to really know that those days happened. 

So when it came to our children's naming ceremonies, there was really only one person we wanted to capture those memories. Evie Wroe at Chapter Photography is a sensational photographer who really captures the feelings and the flow of a day. I treasure all of the photographs Evie took for us, and each one reminds me of a different moment, a different emotion, and different past. 

I feel a little self conscious using photographs of my daughter's naming ceremony as part of my photography feature, but I'm going to anyway. They are beautiful, heartfelt pictures that really bring to life a lovely day that meant so much to us. 

I had a really difficult time narrowing down the photographs, there are so many I treasure. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

You can find more of Evie's work on the Chapter Photography Website, Blog and Facebook Page


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