Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year's Resolutions

I usually hate doing New Year's Resolutions. I always feel like I've broken them before I've begun and that I've forgotten what most of them are by the 5th of January. 

Since I've become a parent though, my life feels like it's moving at a million miles an hour and the days and weeks disappear from under me, and things that I had an eternity to think about before, suddenly spring up and I'm really unprepared. 

So this year I really do want to put together some Resolutions, and I want to track my progress, to see how I'm getting on. So I'm putting them here, where everyone can see them, in the hope that it will make me work harder to stick to them. 

1. Put down my iPhone:

I'm sure this one is making a lot of resolution lists this year. As much as I'm addicted to it, Facebook really is not that important. It does not need to be checked 100 times a day (I don't think I'm exaggerating either, which is really bad). Sometimes I've even checked it so often that no one has updated their statuses in the time it's taken me to recheck. 

So I need to put it down and really be in the present moment. To give my full attention to whatever it is I am doing, even if what I'm doing is not that exciting. I can read my emails of Facebook later, a few hours is not going to ruin my life. 

2. Focus on communicating my feelings:

Here I'm mostly talking about the good feelings. I'm the first one to jump up and say when I'm not happy, I'm definitely not backwards about coming forwards. But when things are great, I no longer really focus on telling the people around me exactly how I feel. 

I think it's because we are so busy, but it's no excuse. This goes for so many people, Gary, our kids, our families, friends, the list goes on and on and on. So many people are such an important part of my life, and I've slipped a little on letting them know. 

I need to carve out the time to make sure I tell them what they mean to me, and stop assuming that they know. 

3. Cut back on the sugar:

I think this one appears every year, in various disguises. I am a sugar addict. I know it, and yet I'm still prone to throwing myself off the wagon at regular intervals, and then finding it really difficult to get back on. 

It's even more stupid because I know if I give up sugar for three days, then I don't want it anymore. Three days, it's not exactly a long period to go without chocolate. 

I need to put into practice all the knowledge and information I've gained about sugar, and use it to stop myself reaching for the ice cream or the chocolate. 

I did start to write out a fourth resolution, but I've decided to stop at three. These are the three that are most important to my life, and so I'd rather work harder on three, than have to split my time on four. 

I'll check back in after 3 months, to see how I'm getting on with them. 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?