Thursday, 4 December 2014

Photography: Family Photographs by Natalie Robinson Photography

The reason that I absolutely love family photographs is that they really capture the moments, and the family how they were at that point in time. Life goes by so fast and children grow so fast, and change so much, that without photographs, it's hard to even remember that your children were that small.

It's always been really important to me to capture our journey and the changes that happen along it. I love having professional pictures taken because first of all, I actually manage to get on some of the photographs, and because they really seem to leap off the page and grab your attention. When our family sessions come in, I just pour over them for hours, looking at all the tiny details and those moments that we'll never see again, and it helps me really remember how we were. 

I love love love these beautiful family photographs captured by Natalie Robinson Photography. They really capture the fun and the innocence of children, and you can even see the balance of sibling relationships leaping off the page at you! 

When you are an expat, you never know where in the world you'll end up next, or how long you'll stay where you are currently living. So for me, it's even more important to document not only who you are at that stage of your life, but where you are. 

It's possible that my kids won't ever remember living in Dubai, and it's so important to me that we can show them where we lived, and how we lived. I lived in Saudi Arabia when I was two, and looking back at those photographs is the only way I can link into that part of my past, because I don't really remember it any more. 

So take a look at these beautiful images of the Hall family. These were taken just before they left Dubai, so i'm sure they are going to be a most beautiful way to remember their time in the city of eternal sunshine! 

Here is a little bit more about Natalie Robinson, and what led her to capture these absolutely gorgeous images:

"I am Natalie Robinson and I am a photographer and mum to Ruby (age 6); Max (age 4) and Isla (age 18 months).  We have lived in Dubai for just over 4 years.  

I took up photography as a hobby at first, with one main goal: to take better photos of my kids.  I thought that *maybe* I had an eye for what makes a good photo; but I had very little technical knowledge or how to really create the outcome I wanted in my mind.  A bit like having an idea for a story but not knowing  where to start; an idea for an amazing dress but no idea how to sew.

I took courses. Many, many, many courses.  I read books; watched videos; read articles; spoke to people; listened to people; shadowed other photographers.  But most importantly, I practiced, practiced, practiced.  I tried stuff out on my camera.  I got feedback from others.  I took my camera everywhere. To the park, the beach, to playdates, to parties.  Then I decided to simulate what being a working photographer would look like.  I started doing some test shoots for friends.  It all went from there.

My areas of specialism are newborn babies; pregnancy and families.  This shoot featured by Lora was for a fellow photographer Samya and her beautiful family.  They wanted a mixture of classic portraits and natural family moments, captured on the beach, before they left the UAE.  The beach we chose is a favourite of mine as it offers a lot of variety for the kids and for me as the photographer.  There’s a rocky area; a pier; and the beach itself.  Whilst my aim is to capture natural moments, I also like to give some direction when I shoot, so that the kids are kept focussed and busy.  My main tactic on a shoot is to engage the kids – getting to know them from behind a camera can be tricky.  Luckily knowing the minds of children reasonably well, I usually manage to do this easily by getting them to do challenges or by ‘helping’ me out – I have an array of little openers and tricks that helps me to connect with them".

You can find more of Natalie's work at her website and on her Facebook page