Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Christmas Wish List

So, the big question, what is on your Christmas Wish List? 

I absolutely love present hunting for my friends and family, and thinking about what they would really like. I love picking out the gifts and finding that gem that I know is a keeper for them. I'm really bad at budgeting for it though, and I often have to rein myself in! 

But I often don't really think about things for me. Family and friends ask me, and my answer is always "I don't know". So I started keeping a wish list with Wish Mindr. It's an online way of keeping tabs on things that you would like. I now keep one for both the kids and for myself and Gary. It's a great way of keeping track of those little things that you'd love, so when people ask you what you would like for Christmas, you do have something useful to say. 

So I now have a great wish list, and I'm so excited for Christmas! Here is what is on my Christmas Wish List this year:

Aroma Lite Diffuser:

I am so hoping that Father Christmas brings this diffuser for me this year! I have been salivating over it for months now! It is great because it can diffuse essential oils over a large area, so I can use it in any room in the house (including our open plan living area, which is huge!) and still get the full benefits of diffusing essential oil. I'm waiting to use my doTERRA Elevation blend in the diffuser, it's a great blend to lift the mood and give an energy boost. I could definitely use a pick me up, mood wise, when I'm at home with my baby and toddler during the day, because there is always a tantrum from my 2 year old and a meltdown or random sleep habits from my 9 month old. 

It is also great to use for essential oils to help the body keep your airways clear. I haven't really found any vaporiser that really helps my kids when they get the sniffles, so I can't wait to diffuse doTERRA's Breathe blend during the night, to help them breathe clearly, and sleep better. Because sleep is a precious commodity in this household! 

Bamboo Socks:

Am I the only person who gets really excited about getting socks for Christmas? .... just me? Oh well, my mum was onto a winner when she made socks an obligatory part of my stocking from Santa! ;-)

These are not just socks, these are socks made from bamboo. I bought some when we were on our honeymoon in San Francisco, and they are unbelievably soft and snuggly. There is nothing like putting on super soft socks when you come home from The Circuit Factory and flop on the sofa (exercise makes me want to come home and snuggle!). 

Homeland - Series 3:

I know, I know, I know, I'm sooo behind in my TVwatching. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time watching Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and Bing, and by the time the end of the day comes, I just haven't had chance to sit down and watch anything. 

So, despite that Gary doesn't want to watch it, and has already read spoilers on series 3, and series 4 (I keep having to shout at him not to spoil it for me), I want to watch it! So I think when Gary is away with work, I'm going to have a Homeland box set epic viewing.  

Laurent Perrier Rose:

This is "Our" champagne. Gary used to buy it when he came to visit me in Windsor when we were first together, and it's been our favourite ever since. 

So a bottle of this stashed under the tree would be very welcome Father Christmas!

Modern Essentials Reference Book:

I love the internet, and there is so much information on it, but there is just nothing like a good book. I love the smell of the paper and the feel of it under my fingers. So this Modern Essentials Reference Book is a must have for me. I'm learning all the time about the amazing range of different uses for essential oils, but it's so much information that it can't go into my brain all in one go. So I like to go back over it whenever I can, to try to absorb more information. 


Not something that can fit in my stocking, but a massage would be amazing! I love being pampered, and massages especially are so soothing and really put me back in balance and ready to face the world again. It's like they really did smooth away all my worries and anxieties. 

So a trip to the spa would be fabulous! 

What do you think? A good list or a bad list? What do you want for Christmas?