Monday, 8 December 2014

Essential Oils: My Five Favourite Essential Oils for Skincare

I love using essential oils as part of my skincare regime. I really love how much better my skin looks, so much more nourished and healthy, than it did before!

Here are my top five favourite oils for my skin:

Frankincense really is my favourite of all the essential oils. I use it for everything, because it seems to have so many uses. As Dr Hill (Medical Advisor for doTERRA) says "If in doubt, get your Frankincense out". I do and I love the results. 

I particularly love Frankincense for skin care because Frankincense is great at giving your body what it needs to help repair itself on the cellular level. 

Frankincense is great for wrinkles and lines, age spots and stretch marks. It's also fantastic for itchy skin, I find it really soothing for my eczema, along with Lavender. 

Lavender is the ultimate soothing essential oil. It's great for itchy and scaly skin, and on burns. I find it really soothing and comforting, and my skin literally drinks it up!

Lavender is also good for any excess or flabby skin, it helps the body to tone that area when you apply it topically. 

Myrrh is great for helping your body to deal with those under eye circles. Mine are dark anyway and having two babies means that they are more like suitcases than bags! i find that Myrrh really helps my body to minimise the dark bags, so I look less like I should be a cast member from Twilight. 

Geranium is the "poor man's" Helichrysum, which is fantastic because Helichrysum can be expensive! It is great for acne that is hormone related (spots at time of the month anyone?). It also helps to balance the skin's sebum production, so it's fabulous for both dry and oily skin as it helps the body to regulate the amount of oil produced. 

Melaleuca, or Tea Tree Oil is fantastic for spots and blemishes. It has antiseptic properties and so it's always good to have around for cuts and scrapes (or that spot that you just had to pick). 

Melaleuca is also great for dandruff, I add it to my shampoo and it really helps my scalp to regulate the dandruff production. 

So there are my five favourite essential oils for skincare! Which ones are your favourites?
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