Thursday, 25 June 2015

Essential Oils: My Five Favourite Essential Oils for Sleep

I'm THE most crabby person when I don't get enough sleep. I can happily sleep in until midday on the weekends if I get the opportunity. Gary can always tell when I'm tired and sends me off for a hot bath and bed, knowing I'll be miserable until I gotten some shut eye. 

Unfortunately I also generally try to do too much, and when you've got to move continents, look after two babies and work in my free time, I often end up burning the midnight oil.... and then being unable to get to sleep at all because my head is so full of stuff. 

Essential oils have been great for me, because they have enabled me to relax and unwind for bed, in ways that just weren't possible for me before. Here are my personal favourites for sleep time:

Cedarwood is great for sleep because not only can it help to unwind the mind, but it also helps to maintain healthy breathing and respiratory function. This is my go to essential oil when I'm feeling a little snuffly but want to unwind my mind at the same time. 

Cedarwood is also great for promoting clear and healthy skin, so I have a good few drops of Cedarwood in my Oil Cleanser for cleansing my face before I hop into bed. 

Vetiver is one of those oils I really underrated at first. Vetiver has a calming and grounding effect on the emotions and it's helps promote focus and mental clarity. 

I use Vetiver when I have a to do list as long as my arm and I've got a busy day the next day. I find it's really effective in shutting my brain off, and stops me lying awake all night worrying about the things I have to do the next day, or didn't get done that day. 

Vetiver also promotes circulation, so it's great when added to lotion and massaged into the skin. 

Bergamot is my favourite of all the citrus oils, because it's so delicate. You can still tell it's a citrus oil, and it has that lovely clean scent that I really like in essential oils. Bergamot has the ability to be both uplifting and calming, so it's fantastic when I'm anxious or fretting over something. 

Also, if you run out of Earl Grey and only have regular teabags, have no fear, two drops of Bergamot in your tea and you'll have Earl Grey in an instant!

Lavender is one of my most used oils. I use it for cuts and scrapes, for seasonal discomfort and for sleep, to name just a few. 

Lavender can soothe and calm the mind and body, and when applied to the back of the neck and the temples, it can help ease muscle tension. I carry all of my tension in my shoulders, so if I've had a tough exercise session, or I've been doing a lot of lifting and carrying, I massage a few drops into my shoulders before bed. 

I also use Lavender as a mattress and linen spray. I combine Lavender with Bergamot and add it to a spray bottle of water. Then I spray the mattress and the sheets to refresh them and keep them smelling amazing.

Disclaimer, I'm not a huge fan of the smell of this blend, but it's such a good blend, I have to use it anyway! I think it's the vanilla bean in it that makes it smell wrong to me. I'm a huge fan of citrus oils, and I think the vanilla is just too warming. 

Serenity is an amazing blend of Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean. This blend calms the mind, relaxes the body and soothes the soul. 

It works particularly well on young children, and I often add a drop or two to S and L's bath at night. It winds them down and makes falling asleep seem much easier. 

I don't diffuse this one, because I'm not keen on the smell (although I know lots of people who love it!), but I apply a drop to my big toe when I need to get to sleep, and get there fast! 

These are my five current favourites, are there any more you think I should try? 

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