Monday, 13 April 2015

Songs I Love!

My music taste is nothing if a little eclectic. Don't get me wrong, I'm a teeny bopper pop princess at heart, and my music collection is full of what Gary tends to call "crap". But, and it's a rather big but, when I assemble a list of my favourite songs of all time, there are a few random ones thrown in there for good measure!

So as we head through 2015, here are the songs that are most often on my playlists:

Taylor Swift - Blank Space:

I am a little bit in love with Taylor Swift. I love that she writes her own songs and I love the honesty that comes through when she writes. I love that she's not afraid to be vulnerable and spill out all those emotions that make a good song. I also love that she's very good at being rather crazy! I am loving Blank Space at the moment, and Taylor Swift is extremely good at showing off the psycho side:

Ed Sheehan - Small Bump:

I was about eight months pregnant with S when this song came out, and it was the one thing that brought out the hormonal tears, as I was usually pretty good with controlling the crying. Very bittersweet song, but it just sticks with me. 

Joshua Kaddison - Jessie:

This song has been a long time favourite of mine. I don't know what it is about a man singing about his girlfriend who keeps leaving him and his cat called moses, but it just calls to me! Jessie paints pictures, and I love the pictures in this song. 

Amy Stroup - With Wings:

This song now reminds me of our wedding day, which is random because it wasn't played on our wedding day, and I didn't even hear it for the first time until months later. It is, however, part of the soundtrack to our wedding video by the amazing Shade Tree Films, and it's so beautiful that its woven it's way into my heart. 

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars:

This song reminds me of Gary and Grey's Anatomy simultaneously. Gary was a fan of Snow Patrol when we first met, and this song is part of the soundtrack of our early days. I also was an avid Grey's Anatomy fan. I don't know what it is about slightly unhinged females that draws me in, but Meredith Grey just seemed to click with me. Maybe I'm slightly unhinged too ;-)

Beautiful South - A little time:

This is one of the songs from my childhood. Whenever I got in the car with my mum and Ian, either The Beautiful South or REM would be playing. This was definitely my favourite song from The Beautiful South and it reminds me of sunny days driving off on some kind of adventure, along with lots of laughter and too many people squashed in the car!

Wonderland - Nothing Moves Me Anymore:

This Irish girlband only released one album, and it obviously didn't do so well because they didn't release another one. Which is a real shame because I loved the album and the songs were great (even if they did rip off a song from Lady Antebellum which seriously annoyed me!). 

Billy Joel  - In The Middle Of The Night:

This was my brother's absolute favourite song when we were kids. When we were in the car with my dad, this was pretty much on constant repeat! So it's stuck in my head and is now one of my favourites, it even eclipses Moon River, so clearly repetitive listening makes you love a song. 

The Streets - Dry Your Eyes:

You can tell I'm British (and Northern) from this one! No idea why I love it, but I just do! 

The Drifters - Some Kind Of Wonderful:

This was our First Dance at our wedding. So obviously it has amazing meaning, especially all those hours we spent learning our choreographed dance (it took us forever). Definitely need to get the video out and give this dance another go on our anniversary this year!

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole:

Yes, I have only ever heard this song because it's on the Twilight Soundtrack (don't judge), and yes, I love it so much more than I thought I would, need to listen to more Muse! 

Rodney Atkins - Back Road:

This song was played over and over when we went to California hunting for wedding venues! I love this song and it always makes me happy when I hear it! 

So there you have it, some of my current favourites! I'm sure that gives you some really weird insight into my psyche! I have so many more, too many to mention on one post, so I'm sure I'll return to this at some point!