Monday, 20 April 2015

Photography: Family Shoot by Natalie Robinson Photography

Today is brought to you by the letter M. 

This gorgeous family photoshoot is by Natalie Robinson Photography, and it takes place in the Bastakiya in old Dubai. I absolutely love that this shoot shows a completely different side of Dubai, one that a lot of the tourists never see. 

I love the narrow streets and hidden archways that really bring this shoot to life. When Natalie sent it to me, I couldn't stop staring at these gorgeous images. 

Maren, Mike, Maia and Milena are such a beautiful family. Here is a little more about them from Natalie:

"I first met Maren and Mike and their two lovely girls back in 2013 when we did a family shoot at the beach.  Two years on and it was definitely time for some new updated photos.  So, we chose the Bastakiya for a change - the light, lines and shadows are all amazing.  Its also the perfect spot for kids as they can explore the area; stay on the move and when they are worn out, head to one of the little cafes.  

I absolutely adore the images from this shoot; for me the ones that stand out the most are the sisters whispering secrets; the light in the alleyway; and the wide shot of Maren, Mike, Maia and Milena together outside the Bastakiya."

So delve into these fabulous images, I think my favourites are the ones of the sisters together, there is something magical about seeing siblings interact in their own little world. 

To see more of Natalie's work, you can find her on Facebook or on her website.