Thursday, 19 February 2015

Essential Oils: My Five Favourite Oils for under £20

When you start looking at essential oils, you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of oils available, and even more overwhelmed by the fluctuation in prices. The price of doTERRA's essential oils depend on their rarity. The more difficult an oil to produce, the higher the price is. 

So if you are looking for somewhere to start, especially if you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one, let me help you out! Here are my five favourite essential oils for under £20. These would make amazing gifts, as they are cost effective but have so many uses!


I think Peppermint is my favourite of all the essential oils in the under £20 category. I just find it so useful! I use it for abdominal cramps, stomach upsets, fever, mood lifter, energy boost and it tastes amazing when you add a drop to chocolate brownies..... 

So this would be an amazing start to your doTERRA collection, but just don't make too many brownies.... they are too delicious to leave! 


Lemon is my go to essential oil to add to my water. It's great for helping with liver function, so your body can better rid itself of toxins. It's also great mixed with honey for a sore throat and to help chase away the seasonal sniffles. If that wasn't enough for you, it's great at getting chewing gum out of hair (those with girls at school, you'll be needing this) and it's great to add a drop or two to your dishwasher for super sparkly dishes. 


I use Lavender to help me get some decent shut eye. Every minute counts when you have two under two, and I need all the help I can get to get my mind to shut down at night. It's also been great for my eczema and for my baby's eczema. A drop or two in the bath, or added to a moisturiser works wonders! It's incredibly soothing for cuts and scrapes and it can also be used mixed with water as a refresher for your mattress. 


Cedarwood is one of my current favourites. I only discovered it just after Christmas, but it's quickly become a staple in my essential oils routine. It's fantastic on my skin, so I've added it into my oil cleanser and my facial serum and I've also added it to my shampoo as it can help your body to prevent hair loss. 

I also use Cedarwood along with Lavender when I've had a hectic day, and there's another hectic day coming and I really need to tune out the day to come and get to sleep. It helps your body to shift a cough and congestion and it can even be used to help your body start to get rid of cellulite!


Melaleuca is one of my staples in my medicine cabinet. It's not only great for acne breakouts but it can be added to your shoes for athletes foot, applied to the head to deal with the dreaded lice outbreak and help with cold sores and earache. 

So there you have it, my five favourite essential oils for under £20. Perfect for starting out your journey with doTERRA essential oils!

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