Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Welcome to Sun City.

We have the highest building in the world.... and one of the highest rates of obesity in the world too..... It's time for a change!

If you do just one thing today... click this link and watch the video!

The Circuit Factory have just released their new awareness campaign (note I said awareness campaign and not advertising campaign). 

The Circuit Factory have a message, and it's a rather important one. The food industry, and their huge advertising budgets, have been blanketing Dubai in more and more advertising for fast food, and we are now reaping the benefits.... one of the highest obesity and diabetes rates in the world. 

The Circuit Factory believe that this message is so important, that to encourage you all to get sharing this message, they are offering each and every one of you FOUR FREE SESSIONS with them between 9-15 November 2014 if you do the following:

1. Share this link to your timeline www.circuitfactory.ae/suncity 

2. Change your Facebook cover picture to this image:

3. Change your Facebook profile picture to this image:

4. Take a screen shot of your new timeline and send it to info@circuitfactory.ae with your preferred location. 

There are now 5 locations: Meadows, Springs, Downtown, Motorcity and Mirdiff - so there's plenty of choice for everyone! 

Here it is, direct from the horses mouth, so to speak. (Phil, you would be the horse!)

"We are proud to launch our new campaign: Sun City. In the past, our campaigns have sought to bring attention to CF, with the goal of getting people in to exercise. This campaign is different, in that the goal is to get people talking. There’s a very important conversation that’s not being had here, and we are going to use the Circuit Factory as a vehicle from which to start the discussion. 

Dubai is building the most awe-inspiring structures – there’s a real possibility of creating a city of the future, and yet our health, is among the worst in the world. We just heard that 40% of Abu Dhabi’s children are overweight or obese. This year, McDonalds opened up 15 new restaurants here. It’s becoming increasingly hard for people to be healthy, when natural, whole foods occupy less and less space on the supermarket shelf. Dubai cannot have the bright future it’s working so hard to achieve, if the people that live here are sick. 

There are glimmers of hope around the world. Attitudes are beginning to change. Legislation, like soda taxes and junk food bans are increasingly common, and it’s time for Dubai to get involved.

Our responsibility is to help people be healthy. We need to give people real exercise, and they need to eat real food. The first part is relatively simple, but the second part has become almost impossible, because of the environment of food that exists all around us. So much of the work that we do is rendered useless because of our food. If Circuit Factory is to make a significant contribution, we need a level playing field. 

The environment of food will change. One voice only travels so far — So please help us to spread the message, and help Dubai take the first step towards a better future."

The video is amazing, and a real eye opener, you might really learn something that shocks you, and makes you think a lot more about how our food industry works today. I was shocked, and I'm no newcomer to information like this. The Circuit Factory have been educating it's own members on the pitfalls of the food industry for some time now, and now it's time to make that knowledge public. 

So watch it, share it, and come and take up your free sessions. You might not only make a difference to you and your lifestyle, but to many, many others around you. 

Social media is a powerful thing, it has the ability to do such amazing things. Like raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. Stephen Sutton's Just Giving Page currently stands at a whopping £4.5 million, through the power of social media. 

The "No Make Up Selfie" raised over £8 million for Cancer Research UK, IN SIX DAYS, because it went viral. $100 million was made for ALS by "The Ice Bucket Challenge". 

We can do absolutely anything, if we set our minds to it, and to me, this is a worthy cause indeed. Learn about how our diet and lifestyles are being shaped by the food industry, and what we can do about it. Not just for us, but for our children and our children's children. 

Our children, my kids, are part of the first generation to have a LOWER life expectancy than their parents. Why? Heart disease, stroke, COPD. Diabetes now kills as many people a year as HIV. 

In essence, our obesity is literally killing us. The majority of the top five fatal diseases are linked to obesity. We are eating ourselves to death, and the habits we are passing onto our children is only going to kill them faster. 

It's time for a change.